I imagined this painting several months before I could finally begin, and another several to complete. The simplicity of the design deceives how long it took me to do, the sky taking 22 hours. I drew each vertical line, one by one.

This piece is one of my ongoing "Homesick Trees" series. It represents how much I miss the good memories of childhood, growing up feeling loved and known. Those of us who have loads of good childhood memories are fortunate. The nostalgia of feeling connected to everyone in my small town makes me smile when I remember. It seemed everyone knew my family. Even meeting new people would frequently say, "You must be Paul's granddaughter" or "Charlie and Jo's girl". Then they'd tell me a story about my family I hadn't heard. Such a secure way to grow up.

This is a Pen and Ink, on gesso painted wood, with a protective varnish. I use archival ink and create this work slowly, line by line. The artwork is completely black and white, except for the color in the trees. All my paintings and drawings are made with archival/museum quality products. This piece is completely ready to hang.

Dimensions: 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 2 inches depth. The wooden frame is invisible to the front but seen from the sides. No additional framing needed, ready to hang now.

This is an original art piece by Julia Vanover.