Original Pen and Ink Line Drawing by Julia Vanover. 11 x 14 inches matted size. Line drawings are created with archival ink, paper and matt.

I still miss where I'm from: the mountains, the trees, my horse 'Maude'. She was the best trail horse, loved to run uphill, nothing scared her. The boat and water (near the top) represents my life now. All is good with me today. A different different but also beautiful landscape.



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    I am a therapist and an artist. The key to happiness is to see ourselves and notice how amazing we truly are, right now, without having to improve a thing. This is easier said than done, but once we get it, we are free to create an amazing life.

    I apply these same principles to my artwork. I make art that begins simply, slowly building into a unique piece unlike any other. Honoring and working with flaws until they become the most beautiful aspects of the piece. 

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    Julia Vanover.

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