There are fresh water rivers that run into the ocean near our home. We love to go there, but you must have a shallow boat. On one trip, the lilies were blooming. We pulled the boat to the river bank; climbed up and saw fields and fields of lilies. No one was around but us, it was so quiet. It had just rained and everything was sparkling. I felt so grateful and thought - what if we had gone by without noticing? I wanted to capture the feeling of being with someone you love when you find something magnificent together. This piece celebrates those moments.

This is a Pen and Ink, on gesso painted wood, with a protective varnish. I use archival ink and create this work slowly, line by line. The artwork is completely black and white. All my paintings and drawings are made with archival/museum quality products. This piece is completely ready to hang.

Dimensions: 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 2 inches depth. The wooden frame is invisible to the front but seen from the sides. No additional framing needed, ready to hang now.

This is an original art piece by Julia Vanover.