I wanted to capture the movement and overwhelming, vast beauty of coral reefs. It's simply an amazing world below the surface. The colors are vibrant in the reefs, everything is continuously in motion with the movement of the water and fish. Just to float and absorb it all is one of my most favorite things in life to do. I did this painting for an event with Discovery Dive World. They are located a few doors down from my gallery and always have something fun planned in the water.

This is a double painting, two 2x2 feet pieces hang side by side. The pieces are already framed and ready to hang. I first gessoed and sanded poplar boards with watercolor ground, then watercolor painted them, then shellacked them with an archival mat coating for protection. The wooden frame is invisible to the front but seen from the sides. Dimensions are 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and 2 inches thick. This is an original art piece.