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"I create art to soothe all surroundings. It is my intent that you find my artwork relaxing, calming and renewing."


-Julia Vanover

Aurora Collection

Aurora Lighting is fine art ceramic light fixtures and lanterns by sculptor, Julia Vanover. Julia designs each pendant, sconce, lamp or lantern to create a soothing...


Julia creates her paintings to engage, intrigue and bring a sense of calm to the surroundings. 

Line Drawings

Julia's line drawings are meditative for her, she draws almost daily. Flowing lines are meant to relax you, the viewer, as well. 

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I am a therapist and an artist. The key to happiness is to see ourselves and notice how amazing we truly are, right now, without having to improve a thing. This is easier said than done, but once we get it, we are free to create an amazing life.

I apply these same principles to my artwork. I make art that begins simply, slowly building into a unique piece unlike any other. Honoring and working with flaws until they become the most beautiful aspects of the piece. 

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Julia Vanover.

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