I am an artist and a clinician (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I see all my clients from home, via on-line therapy, specializing in treating PTSD. I see clients two and a half days a week and I'm in my studio two days (sometimes a little more). As a therapist, I learned that if I could help a client move towards self-acceptance, their entire life shifted. They could begin to live with ease and joy. 

I apply these same principles to my art. My approach is about creating work that soothes and calms its surroundings and all those around it. I love when someone views my work and they visibly relax. I'm grateful that I'm able to soothe others through both my counseling and art. 

I live in Niceville, Florida with my Fiancé, Devon Hunt and his son, Ethan. I have two grown children: Hannah, an organic farmer in North Carolina and Nathan, a linesman in Virginia (where I'm from originally).